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Even though the cultures, laws and norms may be different,they all recognize the relationship between a man and a woman living in thesame house. Throughout the ages, marriage has undergone a revolution isnumerous ways in the different cultures of the world. Every culture hasdifferent ways of celebrating marriage but one thing in each culture remainsunchanged.

The notion that a couple shall leave their parents and livetogether as one and form a new family is romantic to say the least. This hashappened for many centuries and throughout this time it has almost beenimpossible to separate the concepts of marriage and family from each othersince they have been tied together so closely. All cultures in the world havesome form of marriage.

The thing that remains unchanged is that every culturecelebrates marriage with festivities that include eating, singing andcelebrating. In addition to these festivities, people have also taken over anevolving and growing number of traditions that are full of meaning and shockingorigins even though you may not believe it.

When it came to tying the knot in the ancient times, thetruth us that it did not really mean that the couple would be knotted togetherbut rather it involved wrapping the bride in a sheep using a knot that was tiedout in front. Tying the bride in this way symbolized virginity and it was theprivilege of the groom to untie the knot in the night after the wedding wasover.

The wedding cakes that are crafted delicately and elaborateevolved from the grooms-cakes that were simple and made for the bride by familymembers. Prior to the day of the wedding, the bride lay on one of thegrooms-cakes under her pillow and she would dream about the groom as she sleptand squish the cake completely. In these olden days, they used a crumbled andpound up cake as the cake for the wedding and they tossed it to the newly wedsto signify fertility. This is where the present-day custom of sprinkling newlyweds using rice after the wedding came from. Nowadays, wedding cakes are oftenstacked up in many layers. The most glamorous wedding cakes are those that havethe highest stacks. These arrangements are usually regarded as being merestyles but people long ago arranged them that way to symbolize fertility. Thebride and groom stacked up the wedding cakes as a symbol of the number ofchildren they wished to have and therefore, the number of children wished fordetermined how high the stack would be in the past.

During the ancient days the best man played a different andstartling role. It was the duty of the best man to abduct women who wouldbecome brides from the other tribes during tribal times. He accomplished thetask by clubbing the poor bride to be on her head and dragged her home just asis suggested by the comic skits about cavemen stories. The other role played bythe best man was warding off the bride’s angry relatives. Therefore, in ancienttimes, the best man swung his axe whereas the groom was united with the bridein marriage.

Nowadays Even though people nowadays are not as barbaric asthey were in the ancient times, an evolution of the ceremony and tradition ofweddings is still evident. The traditions have a lot of meaning and mostly theyserve to make a person’s wedding day something that many will remember.

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